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pin·na·cle (noun)


the highest point of development or achievement

As our name implies, Pinnacle Agriculture® strives for superior performance in all that we do. Headquartered in Loveland, Colorado, and serving 27 states, Pinnacle is a leader in the farm supply distribution business. Farmers turn to Pinnacle for all their farm input and supply needs—including the latest precision agriculture technologies.

Though we were founded in 2012, Pinnacle’s legacy spans more than six decades through our collective brands. We have remained committed to delivering deep agronomic expertise and value-enhancing inputs and services. We thrive locally by putting our customers and communities first.

Pinnacle works with key research and development and generic suppliers to provide our customers across the country with traditional and cutting-edge technology related to crop protection, seed, and fertilizer products. We believe in building lasting partnerships with our customers by providing the very best products to help them make effective input decisions, increase yields, and lower their cost per unit of production.



Who we are

Pinnacle Timeline

Pinnacle Agriculture Timeline

Leadership Team

Rob Marchbank

Rob Marchbank

President and Chief Executive Officer

Rob Marchbank has served as Pinnacle’s President and Chief Executive Officer since 2017. Prior to joining Pinnacle, Rob served as Chief Executive Officer of ProBuild Holdings Inc. from 2012 to 2015. Rob held various senior management-level roles, including managing director for U.K. and Ireland, and held positions in IT management and strategic planning with Wolseley plc from 1982 to 2010, most recently serving as Chief Executive Officer, Europe. Rob received his bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary.

Mark Pedro

Mark Pedro

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Mark Pedro has served as Pinnacle’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since 2018. Prior to joining Pinnacle, Mark served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Sonepar, North America from 2015 to 2017. Before Sonepar, Mark was Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Icicle Seafoods from 2013 to 2014, Vice President and Division Chief Financial Officer of Univar Inc. from 2011 to 2013, held financial leadership positions at Kraft Foods Inc. from 2002 to 2011, and worked on mergers and acquisitions at Nestle USA from 1996 to 2002. Mark received his bachelor's degree and MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Beverly Gates

Beverly Gates

Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary

Beverly Gates has served as Pinnacle’s Executive Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary since 2015 and was previously Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary from 2013 to 2015. Prior to joining Pinnacle, Beverly was Assistant General Counsel of Verso Paper Corp. from 2011 to 2013 and was an attorney and shareholder of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, P.C. from 2000 to 2011. Beverly received her bachelor’s degree and MBA from Mississippi State University and her JD from the University of Mississippi.

Mike Steffeck

Michael Steffeck

Executive Vice President, Procurement and Product Strategy

Michael Steffeck is Pinnacle’s Executive Vice President, Procurement and Product Strategy since 2015 and was previously President of the Innvictis Crop Care LLC subsidiary from 2012 to 2015. He was also previously Chief Executive Officer of Fuzion Technologies LLC, from 2009 to 2012. Prior to Fuzion, Mike was President of Loveland Products Inc., an affiliate of Agrium Inc. in 2009 and held various positions within United Agri Products Inc. from 2005 to 2008 before its acquisition by Agrium Inc. He held numerous leadership positions in the FMC Agricultural Products Group Division of FMC Corporation from 1993 to 2005, most recently serving as Area Director of the Latin America North business unit, where he was responsible for managing the Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean business unit. Mike received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin and his MBA from Drake University.

Dean Williams

Dean Williams

Executive Vice President, Distribution

Dean Williams has served as Pinnacle’s Executive Vice President, Distribution since 2015 and was previously Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer from 2012 to 2015. Prior to joining Pinnacle, Dean was Chief Executive Officer of Terral Seed Inc. in 2010 and then General Manager after the acquisition of the company by Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. Dean was Regional Manager with Crop Production Services Inc. from 2008 to 2009, and he held various positions with United Agri Products Inc. from 1988 to 2008, most recently serving as Executive Vice President of U.S. Retail. Dean received his bachelor’s degree from Northeast Louisiana University.

Jen Molnar

Jen Molnar

Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Jen Molnar is Pinnacle’s new Executive Vice President, Human Resources starting June of 2018. Jen brings nearly 20 years of human resources experience with an extensive background in talent acquisition, strategic human resources planning, performance management, employee engagement and labor relations. Prior to joining Pinnacle, Jen served as VP Human Resources, Global Clean Air at Tenneco, a $9.3 billion global manufacturing company from 2013 to 2018. Prior to Tenneco, Jen held several HR leadership roles from 2000-2013 at Eaton Corporation, a multinational power management company. Jen received her bachelor’s degree in communication and her master’s degree in labor relations and human resources from Michigan State University.


Jason White

Jason White

Executive Vice President, Operations

Jason White is Pinnacle’s new Executive Vice President, Operations starting December 2018. Since joining Pinnacle in 2014, Jason has held numerous leadership roles in operations with the most recent being Vice President of Operations for two years. Prior to joining Pinnacle, Jason was Sales Manager at Helena Chemical Company from 2009 to 2014. Jason also held various wholesale, procurement and sales management positions at United Agri Products. Jason received his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics from North Dakota State University.


A Heritage of Excellence

Pinnacle Brands Are the Best in the Business

Only the best brands come under the Pinnacle Agriculture umbrella. Our family includes some of the most recognizable names in the field—companies who put people above profits. We are united by a singular commitment: to ensure you get the best return on your investment. Our collective record of serving America’s growers is unmatched.

Together, Pinnacle’s brands deliver exceptional products backed by reliable, personalized service—before seed and beyond harvest.


For more than 60 years, growers have turned to Sanders for all their farm input and supply needs, including the latest precision agriculture technologies. As Pinnacle's flagship retail brand across the southern United States, Sanders is committed to putting customers first.

Be sure to check out all of Sanders' services and extensive agronomic expertise. 

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AgVenture Pinnacle

A nationally recognized seed company with a localized focus, AgVenture® provides quality seed, fertilizer, and crop protection chemical products--including those sold at AgVenture Pinnacle stores. Maintaining strong customer relationships is a top priority at AgVenture—the better we know your farm, the more we can help you achieve.

Work with AgVenture Yield Specialists and agronomists to find the products that work for you.

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Meridian Agriculture Distribution

Meridian Agriculture Distribution™ strikes the perfect balance of preserving traditional wholesale practices and offering the most innovative products, financial tools, information technology, and services required by today’s retailer.

See how Meridian maintains its status as a first-in-class wholesale distributor.

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