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Imagery's Impact

Aerial imagery acts as an aid to an agronomists’ typical scouting routine, and the images offer insight into plant health problems such as possible nutrient deficiencies, models for disease/insect pressure, and environmental stress/damage. Images typically offer accuracy of 3 meters, meaning each pixel/grid (colored square on a map) is a 3x3 meter area in the field. Some imagery can have a resolution as high as 10 meters or as small as 2 centimeters. As the resolution size decreases, the price for the image capturing service generally increases.

Farm Aerial Imagery

Imagery alone cannot be used to make accurate diagnoses. "Boots on the ground" are still required to diagnose a problem and form a corrective action plan to be taken (tissue sampling, pictures of the plant, etc.). It is used as a tool to locate problem areas within a field for scouting.