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Fight fungus with powerful products from Pinnacle Agriculture™. We’ve got you covered with resistance management for a wide array of crops, season after season.
  • Proline® 480 SC Fungicide

    Proline® 480 SC Fungicide

    Cotton and peanut growers have a partner in the season-long effort to control disease in their crops. Proline®fungicide is your go-to solution to help you manage disease all season long to preserve cotton yield potential and boost yield in peanut.

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  • Prosaro® 421 SC Fungicide

    Prosaro® 421 SC Fungicide

    Prosaro® fungicide improves grain quality and maximizes yield through its unbeatable spectrum of disease control, increasing your profit potential

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    A broad-spectrum fungicide, Provost® Opti offers the same active ingredients and provides the same excellent protection as Provost fungicide, but in a new formulation that offers enhanced tankmix flexibility

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  • Stratego® Fungicide

    Stratego® Fungicide

    Stratego® fungicide offers broad-spectrum disease control under a wide range of environmental conditions in corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, barley, oats, peanuts and pecans

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  • Topguard - Terra®

    Topguard - Terra®

    For the control of cotton root rot, there’s only one choice—Topguard® Terra fungicide. Specifically formulated for cotton, it results in higher yields, better grades and improved harvesting efficiency

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    Peak Yield™


    Insecticide / fungicide combination with controls of both insects and disease. Offers versatility on corn, cotton, soybeans, sunflowers, wheat, barley and cucurbits

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  • Headline AMP® Fungicide

    Headline AMP® Fungicide

    Headline AMP® fungicide delivers more bushels of corn than any other fungicide by enabling corn to grow more efficiently, resulting in maximum grain production.

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  • Koverall®


    Koverall® fungicide provides broad-spectrum disease control for apples, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, cereals, cucurbits and more

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  • TREVO®
    Peak Yield™


    Azoxystrobin-based, broad spectrum fungicide for use on a wide range of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and others

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  • Luna Tranquility

    Luna Tranquility

    With 3 formulations-Luna Sensation, Luna Experience and Luna Tranquility, growers have a systemic solution proven to control a wide range of horticultural diseases

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  • TREVO® P
    Peak Yield™

    TREVO® P

    TREVO® P has two modes of action and can be applied to a wide range of crops

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  • Merivon® Xemium® Brand Fungicide

    Merivon® Xemium® Brand Fungicide

    Merivon® fungicide is a powerful tool for disease protection in almonds, strawberries, leafy vegetables and pome and stone fruits, such as apples and cherries.

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