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Pinnacle Agriculture Herbicides


Take charge of the toughest weeds across a variety of crops with our premium selection of proven herbicides.  
  • Armezon® PRO

    Armezon® PRO

    For weed control in all corn types including field, seed, and sweet corn, and popcorn.

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  • ATRA™-V 4L

    ATRA™-V 4L

    Foundation herbicide for corn, milo, and many other crops

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  • Authority® Assist

    Authority® Assist

    Small-seeded broadleaf weeds and grasses can steal yield from soybeans. Apply Authority® Assist herbicide with Grass Assist as your foundation herbicide

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  • Authority® Elite

    Authority® Elite

    Authority® Elite preemergence herbicide earned its name by coming out on top in trials, scoring big in the number of broadleaf weeds and grasses it controls, and outlasting other preemergence herbicides in length of residual activity (45-60 days)

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  • Authority® First DF

    Authority® First DF

    The first thing you should do to maximize soybean yields is protect your crop with Authority® First DF herbicide. It controls glyphosate-resistant broadleaf weeds and serves as the foundation for both Roundup Ready® soybeans and conventional soybeans

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  • Authority® Maxx

    Authority® Maxx

    All Authority® preemergence herbicides offer premium performance, but Authority® MAXX herbicide has the corner on value by providing the most affordable residual control of any other product in the line

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  • Authority® MTZ DF

    Authority® MTZ DF

    Flexibility is a real asset, and Authority® MTZ DF herbicide delivers in spades

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  • Autumn™ Super 51 WDG Herbicide

    Autumn™ Super 51 WDG Herbicide

    Fighting weeds is a year-round problem, and fall is no time for corn and soybean growers to let their guard down. Autumn™ Super herbicide takes down the toughest fall and early spring weeds and keeps them down prior to planting.

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    Most commonly used AI for post emergence grass herbicide labeled for soybeans, cotton, peanuts and many others

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  • AVATAR™ S2™

    AVATAR™ S2™

    The only premium 2 lb per gallon proprietary clethodim based herbicide on the market

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  • Basagran® 5L

    Basagran® 5L

    Basagran® provides safe post-emergent control of broadleaf weeds and yellow nutsedge in corn, regardless of the growth stage.

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  • Beyond® Herbicide

    Beyond® Herbicide

    Beyond® herbicide delivers superior contact and residual control of key grasses and tough broadleaf weeds in wheat, rice, sunflower, lentil, and canola.

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