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Get a jump on healthy crops by protecting and nurturing vulnerable seedlings. Pinnacle’s starter fertilizers deliver important nutrients to promote crop growth.
  • CAPTIVATE™-D 10-20-5

    CAPTIVATE™-D 10-20-5

    A low salt, 100% clear orthophosphate fertilizer. Designed to be used in drip irrigation, in furrow, or 2x2 application to increase seedling root growth and development.

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  • CAPTIVATE™ EDTA 10-20-5

    CAPTIVATE™ EDTA 10-20-5

    A starter fertilizer designed to be more plant available during the growing season.

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  • PRO-V™ 9-24-3

    PRO-V™ 9-24-3

    A seed safe starter fertilizer for in-furrow, 2x2, or surface application to most crops.

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  • VELOCITY™ IQ 2-40-28

    VELOCITY™ IQ 2-40-28

    Water soluble, low salt, 100% Orthophosphate starter fertilizer that is 100% plant available

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