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Improve Your Summer Insecticide Performance with Technologies from Innvictis

By Greg McManic

Now that we’re well into the summer season, plants are maturing—and becoming more susceptible to pest infestations.

This period of growth is prime time for insecticides, but many come up short during summer months. They’re simply not engineered to withstand weather extremes or intense bug runs.

That’s why my team at Innvictis Crop Care® developed two revolutionary technologies to help insecticides achieve their maximum potential—no matter what Mother Nature serves up.


ENDURX is a patented innovation designed to improve the speed, spectrum and residual performance of contact insecticides REVEAL ENDURX®and VOLTAGE ENDURX®. With ENDURX, bifenthrin—one of the most common active ingredient in insecticides—bonds to the leaf surface where it’s protected from the environment yet effective when an insect bites or touches the crop. Essentially, ENDURX renders the insecticide more active and leads it where it’s protected from evaporation and runoff, thus mitigating environmental loss.

How it works

Add ENDURX to either REVEAL ENDURX or VOLTAGE ENDURX, mix with water, and spray on the crop. The technology transfers bifenthrin to the leading edge of the spray droplet, then the droplet immediately penetrates the leaf or pest where it can attack the target site much quicker than any insecticide on its own. Pests uptake a higher dosage, resulting in faster knockdown.

Why it’s important

Bifenthrin can take some time to kill insects. ENDURX technology improves the loss of bifenthrin break down in sunlight. However, it can sustain for up to 90 days in the soil. ENDURX is effective in making insecticide activity more efficient because it lightly penetrates the leaf surface where it is no longer vulnerable to the sun’s rays.

Plus, typical emulsifiable concentrates can strip wax from the leaves of non-target or host crops, creating plant stress and opening pathways for disease transmission. With ENDURX, leaf cuticles remain intact, with no stripping.



Designed to target systemic pesticides, S TECHNOLOGY attaches to the insecticide molecule and leads it through the plant for better activity and greater product performance.

How it works

Using S TECHNOLOGY with AVENGER S3 and AVENGER BOLD S3 insecticides enhances your crop’s ability to handle a variety of biotic and abiotic stresses. Using an oxygenated triglyceride, S TECHNOLOGY’s creates a smaller emulsion particle size which means it’s equally distributed in the spray deposit.

S TECHNOLOGY’s substantial improvements made themselves clear during an extensive C14 test. While the standard systemic product resulted in about 14% plant uptake, AVENGER S3 demonstrated a level of 60%.

Why it’s important

A three-way mixture of imidacloprid, bifenthrin, and S3, S TECHNOLOGY supercharges droplets by enhancing the bioavailability of the active ingredients in the spray deposit. In keeping the active ingredient in a soluble state for a longer period of time, S Technology makes plants more resilient during stressful conditions—hot, dry, cold, wet, or low water volumes.

Its natural-based chemistry means plants don’t recognize it as a foreign substance, rendering it highly mobile in the plant’s natural pathways.

 Greg McManic

With more than 15 years of agriculture and product development expertise, Greg McManic leads the research and development of all proprietary brands, including Innvictis Crop Care and Mission Seed Solutions.