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Precision Agriculture for Farms

Our Precision Agriculture Services give you the Tools to Increase Crop Yield   

Connect your farm with Pinnacle's suite of precision ag tools to give you accurate, real-time data about soil health, crop development, and yield potential.   

OptiGro Precision Agriculture Tool

Greater certainty about where, when, and how much input leads to larger yields and lower costs. 

OptiGro processes data from your fields to drive better, faster input and management decisions. Through the online Pinnacle Portal, you have 24/7 access to your data and state-of-the-art analytics tools.

Climate FieldView Precision Agriculture
Make Data-driven Decisions to Maximize your Return on Every Acre.

Seamlessly collect, store, and visualize critical field data, monitor and measure the impact of your agronomic decisions on crop performance, and manage your field variability by building customized fertility and seeding plans for your fields to optimize yield and maximize profit.

Plant Tissue Sampling Farm
Prevent Losses with Tissue Sampling

Proprietary tissue sampling from Verify provides an accurate snapshot of crop health in-season. The Verify platform makes it easy to collect, analyze, and store critical tissue data. Built-in recommendations enable you and your Pinnacle Agriculture representative to act quickly to address nutrient deficiencies and prevent losses.

Cutting-edge analytics, Sampling, Mapping and More

Greater certainty about where, when, and how much leads to larger yields and lower costs. Adding our insights to your instincts keeps your farm growing strong. Pinnacle Agriculture provides a variety of value-enhancing services that improve operations today and prepare you for what comes next.

  • Preseason and mid-season fertility analysis and management
  • Variable rate prescriptions
  • Seed selection support
  • Shared data connectivity
  • Advanced nutrient analytics tools
  • Pivot Analysis
  • Internal farm and community benchmarking
Plant Tissue Sample

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Precision Ag 101

Want to learn more about precision agriculture and what modern farming technologies can do to grow your operation?  Our Precision Ag 101 is here to give you a quick overview.

Aerial Imagery Precision Agriculture

Aerial Imagery

Aerial imagery acts as an aid to an agronomists' typical scouting routine, and the images offer insights into plant health problems such as possible nutrient deficiencies, models for disease/insect, and environmental stress/damage.

Aerial Imagery
soil sampling precision ag

Soil Sampling

Grid soil sampling divides the field into areas of a defined size (1, 2.5 and 5 acre grids). This allows the assessment of nutrient variability present in each field with high resolution.

Soil Sampling
verify plant sample

Plant Tissue Sampling

Tissue sampling helps monitor the crop's in-season nutrient levels. Coupled with aerial imagery, tissue sampling has the opportunity to detect plant nutrient deficiencies before physical signs are present.

Tissue Sampling
variable rate seeding precision agriculture

Variable Rate Seeding

An excellent cropping year depends on thousands of different uncontrolled environmental variables and only a handful of controlled variables.Variable rate seeding gives farmers better control over how that handful of variables can positively affect yield. 

Variable Rate Seeding
Precision Agriculture Blog
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Climate Fieldview Circle

In-Season Fertility Management: Combating Deficiencies with Climate FieldView™

Any time crops are deprived of adequate nutrients, especially at critical growth stages, yields will be negatively impacted. Weather, poor soil health, variability in soil types, field elevation changes, and standing water all put crops at a higher risk. Precision agriculture tools can help you manage these risks with accurate, real-time data about soil health, crop development, and yield potential.

Precision Agriculture Data

Data, Data, Everywhere: Overcoming "Information Overload"

In the era of modern agriculture, farmers have the capability to manage their farms and operations like never before. However, for many farmers trying to adopt modern agriculture concepts and practices, a bounty of data can become a very real and challenging problem of “information overload.”

Combine with GPS

9 Questions Every Farmer Should Ask Themselves About Precision Ag

There are many “tools in the toolbox” that can be used to address any issue a farmer might face in their operation. What is important is choosing the right tool for the job. Here are some basic questions every farmer should ask themselves when evaluating their operation to incorporate precision agriculture tools and management practices.