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Farmer Appreciation Online Saal


Welcome to our Farmer Appreciation Online Sale

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Farmer Appreciation Online Sale


ENVY™ — 2/2.5 GL: $11.00

VERITAS® — 2/2.5 GL: $36.00

CIVIC® 3ME — 2/2.5 GL: Call for pricing

DEVOUR® — 2/2.5 GL: Call for pricing

ENVY INTENSE™ — 2/2.5 GL: Call for pricing

ENVY SIX MAX™ — 2/2.5 GL: Call for pricing

FACET® L — 2/2.5 GL: Call for pricing

HAVOC™ Amine — 2/2.5 GL: $11.50

HAVOC™ LV-Six — 2/2.5 GL: $16.50

COMMAND® 3ME — 2/2.5 GL:
Call for pricing

QUINVAC™ — 4/7.5 LBS: Call for pricing

Call for pricing

VARSITY® — 4/5 LBS: Call for pricing

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Mission Seed Solutions

Fall In Soybean Program
September 1 - November 30


Best pricing of the year with unparalleled benefits. Get the best pricing of the year on all Amp Genetics™, Bravo Genetics™, and Caterra Genetics™ targeted soybeans. All soybeans will come treated standard with ReVize PBI® + Duvet ST™. You can earn up to $6/a rebate on select Innvictis products when you prepay or book your soybean seed through John Deere Financing by November 30, 2018. 


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Optimize soil nutrient levels to maximize yield potential with Pinnacle Agriculture's fertilizer guidance and inputs.

Crop Protection

Defend your investment with the leading options for fighting weeds, pests, and disease.


Reap the rewards of precision agriculture with data-based decision tools from OptiGro®

        "If they're not open, they'll open if you need something. They'll save you money in the long run."


— WAYNE DAVIS Davis Family Farms

*Farmer Appreciation Online Sale is exclusive to select areas. Contact customer support to see if your area applies: 800-278-0124.