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Seeing is believing. And at Pinnacle Field Days, farmers saw for themselves the difference our products make.


Pinnacle sales representatives visited Pinnacle test plot locations with farmers around the country to show how our products help crops fare in certain conditions and against certain pests. Our solutions were compared with other brands, as well as untreated crops, offering indisputable evidence of what works best in each area.


At recent Field Day events, farmers learned about the power of AMP™, BRAVO™, and CATERRA™ from Mission Seed Solutions, LLC—tested locally and selected based on local needs—as well as adjuvants, crop protection, and nutritionals from Innvictis Crop Care, LLC.


Leading agronomists were on hand to answer farmers’ questions and share their in-depth knowledge.

If You Missed It… 

Couldn’t attend the Pinnacle Field Day near you? Check with your rep to see if there’s an opportunity to schedule a plot tour. 


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Ask an Agronomist

You can always learn about the latest seed technology and get insights for improving your yield. Just ask our experts.

Bruce Jones

South Regional Seed Business Manager


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Ryan Gannon

Mission Proprietary Product Manager - Western Corn Belt


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Featured Products

Farmers attending recent Field Day events learned about the advantages of several featured products, including:

ANOVA® 5-0-0 is formulated for use in high phosphate materials commonly used in the row as a “starter” or “pop-up” fertilizer.  ANOVA® 5-0-0 supplies essential nutrients to the germinating plant at a critical growth stage.


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THRIVE® includes an organic acid package to help improve nutrient absorption through the leaf tissue, for more efficient fertilizer uptake and translocation.


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TREVO® TRZ is a broad-spectrum, preventive fungicide with systemic and curative properties containing 2 active ingredients, tetraconazole and azoxystrobin, for the control of many important plant diseases.


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Field Day Sights and Sounds

Watch this short video to get a sense of the Field Day experience—and Pinnacle’s commitment to farmers.