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As the calendar moves into July, we get another step closer to peak fungicide application timing in corn and soybeans.

It is imperative to protect our crop from key yield robbing diseases, such as brown spot, frogeye leaf spot, and purple stain. Priaxor® delivers proven Plant Health, including protection from these diseases, as well as stress tolerance and growth efficiencies. These three pillars lead to the consistent performance you can count on with Priaxor®.

In addition, for those areas managing white mold, the addition of Endura® at R1 followed by Priaxor® at R3 results in best in class protection from whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

Septoria Brown Spot

Use Priaxor to Protect Yield in the Lower Canopy from Septoria Brown Spot

Septoria brown spot is most common when conditions and leaves are wet and warm, ideally for extended periods of time. Because the pathogen survives and sporuates on soybean residue, minimum tillage and continuous soybeans may enhance this disease.

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Use Priaxor D or Priaxor + Propi to Control Resistant Frogeye Leaf Spot

Frogeye leaf spot, caused by the fungus Cercospora sojina, is a soybean disease that infects leaves, stems and pods. Although the disease is common worldwide, it is most serious in warm regions or during periods of warm, humid weather.

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What About White Mold?

White mold is a regional disease of high yield potential and is most severe where moisture collects due to fogs, extended dew periods or irrigation. White mold can persist for 7+ years in soil and infects directly through soybean flowers.

White Mold Impact Map

White Mold Management Options: Variety Selection, Population, Row Spacing, Crop Rotation, Tillage, Fungicides

Fungicide Timing is Critical for Maximum Returns

Timing is Critical Chart


Use Endura® Fungicide for white mold at R1 + 5-7 days and remember that coverage of flowers is key. Use Priaxor® Fungicide for BASF Plant Health from R2 to R4 to provide the most consistent results.


Benefits of Priaxor Fungicide

Consistent performance for maximum yield potential, longer lasting disease protection, and Proven Plant Health benefits including increased growth efficiency and increased stress tolerance.

Best Use Recommendations

Use rate of 4 fl oz/A, suitable for ground and aerial applications. Priaxor fungicide may be applied at all vegetative and reproductive stages of soybean development and optimal application timing is R2 - R4. Priaxor fungicide may be tank mixed with other products, including insecticides like Fastac™ insecticide.

Target Diseases

Alternaria leaf spot, anthracnose, asian soybean rust, brown spot, cercospora blight, frogeye leaf spot, pod and stem blight, rhizoctonia aerial web blight, sclerotinia blight (suppression) and target spot.

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Priaxor® fungicide is a powerful tool designed to consistently protect various crops from a variety of fungi and other stresses. It provides the ultimate in longest-lasting disease protection, post-infection disease control and Plant Health benefits. And this kind of consistent performance delivers higher potential yields.

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Priaxor® D fungicide is a combination fungicide featuring the same active ingredient as in Priaxor® fungicide and tetraconazole. Priaxor® D fungicide includes three modes of action provide broad, safe and effective control to help manage resistant frogeye leaf spot while providing Plant Health benefits.

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Endura Fungicide

Endura® fungicide offers growers a unique mode of action with superior control of white mold and foliar diseases, including early blight and suppression of gray mold. It is a preventive fungicide that inhibits new growth of fungal cells while also blocking the energy production in existing cells.

Protect Soybeans from White Mold

Best Use Recommendations
Use rate of 5.5-11.0 oz/A with a maximum number of 2 applications per season. Maximum rate per season of 22 oz/A, with a pre-harvest interval of 21 Days.
Application Timing

On first application, use Endura fungicide 5.5-11.0 oz/A at R1 to R2 for white mold. For the second aplication, use Priaxor fungicide 4.0 fl oz/A at R3 to R4 for further disease control and proven plant health benefits.

Target Diseases

White mold, brown spot, cercospora blight, frogeye leaf spot and aerial web blight.

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Endura fungicide is an effective and reliable product for the protection and control of a wide variety of diseases, because its site of action is different from strobulirins and most other fungicides. It also works extremely well in fungicide-resistance management rotations.

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Always read and follow label directions. Endura®, Priaxor® and Xemium are registered trademarks of BASF Corporation.