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Managing Plant Stresses with Fungicides

Fungicides are extremely important and should be considered a part of any grower’s chemical regiment to protect yield. Building a proactive fungicidal approach into your crop’s plan will strengthen the plant's natural defenses, help the plant combat environmental stressors, and protect yield.


By Bryan Olivi, Proprietary Product Agronomist 


Improve Your Summer Insecticide Performance with Technologies from Innvictis

Now that we’re well into the summer season, plants are maturing—and becoming more susceptible to pest infestations. This period of growth is prime time for insecticides, but many come up short during summer months. They’re simply not engineered to withstand weather extremes or intense bug runs..


By Greg McManic, Director of Product Development

bullworm pest

National Trends in Crop Health

Plant tissue sampling is a great tool in our agronomic tool box and has various impacts in both a preventative and a reactive decision-making process. Tissue sampling provides insight to potential deficiencies, diagnosing visual symptomology, and validating fertility programs. Our Verify® plant tissue sampling tool is an excellent way to not only help monitor nutrient demands and needs locally but also observe crop trends nationally.


By Will Scott, Tech Services Manager


Delivering Solutions from Plants, for Plants

Temperatures are soaring across most of the country, bringing with them either relentless rains or a stifling drought. Another summer is upon us, and that means it’s time to give your crops a nutritional boost.


By Gary Tuxhorn, Plant Scientist