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An Inside Look at Pinnacle Agriculture Field Days

By Bryan Olivi

In 2018, Pinnacle Agriculture hosted research plots at seven universities, strip trials at multiple farmers’ fields, and Field Days that attracted hundreds of participants in four states. Pinnacle Agriculture’s Field Days enable farmers across the country to witness industry-leading products in action. The research plots also produce valuable research data for innovation and improved performance. What’s more, they provide critical training opportunities for the Pinnacle Agriculture team, especially in the areas of new seed genetics and the perpetual evolution of crop chemistry. 

Here’s a look back at a few highlights and featured products:

Port Lavaca, Texas. Product experts showcased Innvictis Crop Care, LLC’s cotton programs and discussed key concepts for in-furrow programs as well as the importance of both seed and foliar-applied products in cotton production. They stressed early season weed suppression and a “start clean, stay clean” message with Innvictis’ herbicides coupled with its Venturi® surfactant. This surfactant aids certain aspects of pre-emergent herbicides by extending residual control of broadleaves and grasses. Venturi’s complex technology holds the chemistry in the seedbed longer, and it has proven to extend residual control on challenging weeds up to 14 days longer when used with pre-emergent chemistries. 

Leland, Mississippi. Farmers learned about selecting the most beneficial seed hybrids to fit their needs both agronomically and geographically. Key products included AMP Genetics’™ A1257VT2P and A1857VT2P, two hybrids with top-end yield potential that fit perfectly on racehorse ground, along with AMP Genetics’ A1687VT2P—a highly consistent hybrid that’s extremely versatile across multiple soil types. Farmers were also introduced to AMP Genetics’ A4688X, an exclusive variety that functions across multiple soil types and hosts an excellent disease package with top-end yield potential. 

Experts reviewed Innvictis Crop Care, LLC’s products for cotton growth and yield. They highlighted valuable seed treatments like Duvet™ ST and Vest TM, in-furrow starters like Velocity™ CS, PGRs such as Veto™, nutritionals such as Thrive® and Delivered™ K Plus, and harvest aids like Quiver®, Vacate®, and Velour®. A presentation on Innvictis’ soybean programs covered building a firm foundation with Innvictis’ in-furrow and foliar products that aid in healthier, more viable soybeans and maximize yield potential. The presentation elaborated on the benefits of starting off with a seed treatment like ReVize® PBI and how it protects the entire plant with metalaxyl, ethaboxam, and ipconazole fungicides, plus clothianidin insecticide which creates a complete zone of above- and below-ground protection. 

Dyersburg, Tennessee. Field Day topics pertained to the Northeast region’s agronomics, covering corn seed quality from Mission Seed Solutions, LLC and best management practices while emphasizing how uniform plant emergence can affect yield. Farmers learned about advantages of Mission Seed Solutions, LLC’s AMP Genetics™, BRAVO Genetics™ and CATERRA Genetics™ seeds, which offer warm germination standards greater than or equal to 95%, cold germination standards greater than or equal to 86%, and abnormal germinationss that are subtracted from cold germinations and not greater than 5 in 100 plants. 

Representatives spoke on the importance of soybean selections from Mission Seed Solutions, LLC and about agronomics specific to each soybean variety. A look at Innvictis’s corn programs emphasized in-furrow and foliar programs, spotlighting products such as Captivate™ EDTA, Duvet™ ST, Zinc 9% EDTA, Thrive®. 

Sutton, Nebraska. Pinnacle sales representatives responded to questions and comments about corn hybrids and soybean varieties, which sparked conversation about what varieties work best locally and which ones work in specific environmental conditions. 

Anova The Mission Seed Solutions, LLC team talked about product performance and placement going into the 2019 crop year, as well as emphasizing their three pillars: seed quality, local selection, and integrated solutions. Farmers heard from Innvictis representatives, who touted Innvictis products used in-furrow and foliar on corn. They touched on products like Anova® nutritional —made by plants, for plants—and how they can help plants manage better in harsh environments, improve disease tolerance, and build plant proteins. Among the key takeaways: how to properly use Innvictis products early and manage mid- to late-season applications to maximize yield. Given the excellent attendance and feedback to date, Pinnacle Agriculture Field Days will remain an integral part of the customer experience—and an invaluable investment in our team. 
Contact your Pinnacle sales representatives to learn about participating in a Field Day near you. 

Bryan Olivi

Bryan has worked in the agricultural industry for the past 10 years and has published research. Bryan currently works as a Proprietary Product Agronomist for Pinnacle Agriculture. In this role, Bryan conducts research trials of experimental and commercially released products for Innvictis Crop Care and Mission Seed Solutions to evaluate agronomic characteristics and ensure product performance in the field.