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Will Scott

As Pinnacle’s Tech Services Manager, Will Scott brings his industry expertise to the organization’s product offerings. Since joining Pinnacle in 2012, Will works closely with research and development, proprietary brands and procurement teams to ensure we are delivering the best possible product to our customers.

Will received his bachelor's and master's degree from Mississippi State University.


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Gary Tuxhorn

Dr. Tuxhorn is employed as Principal Scientist for Meridian Agriculture Distribution.

Dr. Tuxhorn provides scientific support to both upper management and field staff, and provides technological support to retail agronomists and crop producers. Dr. Tuxhorn has worked on committees/groups on the national, regional, and state level with ARA, Agribusiness Association of Iowa, CCA, WSWS, and NCWSS. Dr. Tuxhorn grew up on a family farm in Eastern Nebraska, and attended the University of Nebraska and Washington State University.


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Greg McManic

With more than 15 years of agriculture and product development expertise, Greg McManic brings a breadth and depth knowledge base to his role as Director, Product Development. In this role at Pinnacle Agriculture, Greg leads the research and development of all proprietary brands, including Innvictis Crop Care and Mission Seed Solutions.


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