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By Gary Tuxhorn


In the ag industry, you quickly learn that you can’t control the weather. And when your farm’s success is dependent on the weather, many growers can feel at a loss. For the past 25 years, I have worked closely with farmers and companies alike to find a crop input solution that not only helps combat potential weather but is also created with the final crop in mind.

What do you do when you farm isn’t getting rain? Or when there has been a tremendous amount of rain? Weather can make or break a crop year. Anova®, a crop input from Innvictis Crop Care, influences a plant’s natural mechanisms and helps regulate plant stress that weather can bring at any time.


An AgVenture Pinnacle sales rep describes success with Anova after replanting late in season


Anova is a specialty input that helps the plant improve nutrient absorption through the leaves and roots and increases plant growth and vigor even under unfriendly weather conditions. Recently we sat down with a grower down in Texas. For nearly two years he has seen significant growth from the use of Anova.

This technology is not new, but it is recent to the agriculture industry. In the medical field, amino acids and poly-peptides solutions are used to combat nitrogen imbalances such as a food supplement for people who need high protein intake but can’t consume it. This is true for plants as well; the same basic functionality exists.


A grower from Harlingen, TX discusses increased production with Anova year after year


To get more technical, Anova is applied to the plant tissue where amino acids and poly-peptides are then absorbed. The absorption of amino acids and peptides are used in the plant to make proteins that function in living cells to aid multiple plant functions, including combating stress. With proven consistency in multi-year studies, Anova provides positive results, increased yields, and a lower cost per unit of production.

Gary Tuxhorn

Dr. Tuxhorn is employed as Principal Scientist for Meridian Agriculture Distribution. Dr. Tuxhorn provides scientific support to both upper management and field staff, and provides technological support to retail agronomists and crop producers.