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In-Season Fertility Management: Combating Deficiencies with Climate FieldView

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In-Season Fertility Management: Combating Deficiencies with Climate FieldViewâ„¢

By Jonathan Hall

Unprecedented flooding across the country presents unique challenges to farmers. Now that seed is in the ground, closely monitoring your crop’s health is the main priority to ensure maximum yield. With saturated soils or prolonged drought conditions at any growth stage, crops aren’t absorbing the needed nutrients.

As a result, nutrient uptake is limited and crops can show deficiency symptoms. Any time crops are deprived of adequate nutrients, especially at critical growth stages, yields will be negatively impacted. Weather is not the only cause of crop nutrient deficiencies – poor soil health, variability in soil types, field elevation changes, and standing water all put crops at a higher risk. Precision agriculture tools can help you manage these risks with accurate, real-time data about soil health, crop development, and yield potential.

How Tissue Sampling Can Help

Plant tissue sampling is a great way to monitor your crop’s health and help you to respond to any nutrient deficiencies. By sampling leaves or whole plants, lab tests can indicate if your crops are lacking any nutrients appropriate for their respective growth stages. Plant tissue sampling is a critical tool for monitoring a crop’s in-season nutrient levels.

Typically, the best approach for plant tissue sampling is to routinely collect samples to detect deficiencies before symptoms arise. However, with recent improvements in aerial and satellite imagery, we now have better insight into crop health. Aerial and satellite imagery act as supplemental aids to a typical scouting routine, and the images offer insight into plant health problems such as possible nutrient deficiencies before they can be detected by the human eye.

Farm Crop Health

Implement Precision Ag Tools

A great tool for this job is Climate’s FieldView Plus field health imagery. Climate FieldView uses current and historical images to monitor your crop’s progress and improve scouting prioritization. This field health imagery tool can help you pinpoint areas in your field that might benefit from taking tissue samples and, therefore, need customized fertility plans (red denotes areas of concern).

As part of Pinnacle’s OptiGro® precision-ag platform, the Verify® plant tissue sampling tool records the location where samples are taken, and provides recommendations for corrective actions based on lab results. Coupling Pinnacle’s precision-ag platform with Climate’s FieldView field health imagery tool means monitoring your crop’s health has never been easier.

Verify Crop Health Precision

A well established in-season fertility plan that incorporates timely tissue sampling can help maintain your maximum yield potential. Advanced precision agriculture tools and value-enhancing services such as Climate’s FieldView and Pinnacle’s Verify plant tissue sampling program work hand-in-hand to make your plan more efficient and precise.

To combat deficiencies on your farm with our suite of precision agriculture tools, contact your local Pinnacle Agriculture sales representative or learn more: precision agriculture.

Jonathan Hall

Jonathan Hall serves as Pinnacle Agriculture’s Precision Agriculture Specialist. Since joining Pinnacle in 2012, Jonathan has worked closely with our retail locations and farmers to implement new technologies and management practices to maximize yields. He also works directly with research and development to evaluate new seed varieties and products to optimize their performance on our farmers’ acres.