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2019 Field Day Wrap-up

Pinnacle’s annual Field Days were hosted at five primary sites in Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky and Nebraska with supplemental online and secondary events across the country. With the focus on new developments from Mission Seed Solutions and Innvictis Crop Care® product offerings, we are excited to bring farmers the new “Pinnacle Acre.”


Key highlights for the field days included introduction to four new Innvictis platforms, introduction of a new nitrogen management product, and review of seed treatment products with outstanding returns on investment.  We focused on integrated solutions with Innvictis and Mission products, and training on how to position industry-leading corn and soybean genetics from Mission Seed Solutions, all in support of the expanded “Pinnacle Acre.”


 Additionally, the new farmer rewards program, Mi Complete, will provide an opportunity to prepay for seed this fall with cash or 0% financing through John Deere Financial. With the fall purchase of Mission corn and soybeans, farmers are eligible for exclusive rewards and benefits, including earning credits to purchase Innvictis yield-enhancing products. These programs increase the value to our farmers of integrated solutions.


Our field day sites, along with other research and demonstration areas, provide an opportunity for the Pinnacle sales team and our farmers to jointly witness industry-leading product development in action. Research and demonstration efforts also yield valuable data for innovation within the Innvictis Crop Care and Mission Seed Solutions product offerings.


It is clear that the Pinnacle sales team is excited about our new products, the value they bring to their farmers, and how this will empower them to be the best locally. Be on the lookout for more information about the latest programs and products that we are launching for the 2020 crop season. In the meantime, if you’d like to visit one of our sites to see these products in action, please contact your local sales representative.