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Providing Water to Those in Need in Guatemala

Stan Witkowski, Fleet Business Systems Manager at Pinnacle Agriculture, spent his vacation on a week-long mission trip to a rural village in Guatemala. After landing in Guatemala, the group traveled over six hours on rocky roads to reach a village called Champerico. The village suffered greatly during the Guatemalan civil war and therefore lacks some sound infrastructure. Once the group reached Champerico, the volunteers worked diligently to provide dental care to the people living there. Meanwhile, a second group of volunteers drilled a well and fabricated a water tower for the villagers. Witkowski worked with this team to drill a 200-foot well, line the well and install a pump and solar panel for the community.

Water is a readily available resource we often take for granted. Stan Witkowski explained that, “providing a source of fresh water in the center of their small village will greatly impact the health and vitality of the people in the community.” This was his main motivation for helping those in need and why he continues to do this trip year after year.