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Adjuvants and Surfactants

VOYAGER™ 90/10

VOYAGER™ 90/10 is an excellent quality, nonionic surfactant. VOYAGER™ 90/10 can be used to improve performance of the active spray ingredient by giving themmore uniform distribution and better wetting of the plant surface. VOYAGER™ 90/10 meets the requirements of most pesticide manufacturer’s for a 90/10 surfactant.


• Improves performance of actives by giving them more uniform distribution
• Better wetting of the plant surface
• Spreader agent

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Quick Statistics

  • Active Ingredients

    TotalPrincipal Functioning Agents (90%)

  • Comparable Products

    Activate® Plus, Activator® 90, Induce®, Chem-Surf® 90, Preference®, R-11®

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