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Autumn™ Super 51 WDG Herbicide

Fighting weeds is a year-round problem, and fall is no time for corn and soybean growers to let their guard down. Autumn™ Super herbicide takes down the toughest fall and early spring weeds and keeps them down prior to planting. Autumn Super also controls winter annuals that can attract pests that emerge in the spring. What's more, Autumn Super has an alternative mode of action to glyphosate that can help combat glyphosate-resistant weeds in corn and soybeans.

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Quick Statistics

  • Active Ingredients

    Thiencarbazone-methyl (45%), Iodosulfuron-Methyl Sodium (6%)

  • Crops it Works On

    Corn, Soybeans

  • Targeted Pests

    Annual bluegrass (Poa annua), Blue mustard (Chorispora tenella), Buttercup (Ranunculus spp.), Common chickweed (Stellaria media), Downy brome (Bromus tectorum)... Show More

  • Comparable Products

    Fallout™ Herbicide, Arsenal® Herbicide

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