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Command® 3ME

Command® 3ME herbicide is the South's number one preemergence solution for protecting rice production from annual grasses. Command applied from preplant to two leaf stage establishes the most effective residual base for a season-long program and maximum yields. In Clearfield® or conventional production, a full rate of Command pre, or split pre and early post, is crop safe on rice, lethal on grasses.

Command 3ME herbicide is the proven weed management solution for top commercial tobacco, sweet potato and vegetable growers.  For maximum quality and yields, protect your transplants from weed competition with Command. Soil applied Command stops tough annual grasses and broadleaf weeds before they emerge.

  • Selectively controls annual grasses, including barnyard grass, sprangletop, broadleaf signalgrass and crabgrass
  • Excellent crop safety to rice when used according to label directions
  • Labeled application timing from preplant to two-leaf stage rice
  • Provides excellent residual foundation in a season-long weed control program. The novel mode of action in Command 3ME microencapsulated herbicide improves weed resistance management programs.
  • Excellent crop safety to tobacco and sweet potato transplants when used according to label directions
  • Excellent crop safety to labeled vegetable crops when used according to directions

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Quick Statistics

  • Active Ingredients

    Clomazone (31.1%)

  • Comparable Products

    Caravel™ Herbicide, Willowood Clomazone 3ME

  • Always read and follow label instructions

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