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Simplify weed management with the broadest spectrum of control in one straightforward solution. PerfectMatch® herbicide offers the trusted broadleaf weed control of WideMatch® herbicide — plus control of key grass species. With two modes of action, PerfectMatch provides powerful post-emergence weed control and battles herbicide resistance in spring wheat and durum fields.

• Offers the broadest spectrum of broadleaf weed and grass control in a single solution
• Provides the trusted control of WideMatch® herbicide with added control of key grasses
• Convenient control of 86 broadleaf weeds and 13 grasses, including:
o Wild oats, yellow foxtail, Persian darnel, Italian ryegrass and cheat
o Kochia, wild mustard, wild buckwheat, lambsquarters, redroot pigweed and season-long control of Canada thistle
• Combats herbicide resistance with three active ingredients and two modes of action
• Manages larger hard-to-control weeds, including kochia up to 8 inches tall

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  • Active Ingredients

    Pyroxsulam (1.2%), monoethanolamine salt (11.3%), 1-methylheptyl ester (12.4%)

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