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CAVALIER™ OAC promotes sustainable growth and optimal yield of commercial crops by adding the best in class organic acids to the soil. It is an 18% naturally activated Humic Acid. CAVALIER™ OAC’s natural chelating agents improve soil’s ability to provide essential nutrients and improves the plants overall health.


• May increase uptake of all soil and foliar applied nutrients
• Aids in the release of tied up nutrients in the soil
• Maximizes yield potential
• Finer particulates produced by micro milling the leonardite compared to that of a caustic extraction of humic acids
• pH of approximately 4, making soil nutrients more available
• Excellent energy source for growing crops under stress
• Most convenient handling and storing humic acid product on the US market
• Can be tank mixed with soil and post-emerge herbicides for convenience and increased weed control

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  • Active Ingredients

    Humic Acids (Derived from Leonardite) (18%)

  • Crops it Works On

    Corn, Wheat, Cereal, Cotton, Melons... Show More

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  • Always read and follow label instructions

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