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ALLEVIA® is a unique blend of micro and secondary nutrients designed to improve uptake and help alleviate osmotic stress in plants. ALLEVIA® is an enhanced micronutrient package for increased uptake and plant utilization for all crops during critical growth stages. It’s novel complexing agent also works to protect the plant from herbicidal


• Compatible with most pesticides including glyphosate based herbicides
• Effectively delivers boron, a key nutrient for nitrogen metabolism and root nodulation formation
• Contains crucial nutrients such as zinc, manganese and sulfur
• Improves plant health, quality and yield
• Mitigates plant stress


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Quick Statistics

  • Active Ingredients

    Sulfur (1.5%), Molybdenum (0.1%), Boron (2%), Manganese (3%), Zinc (3%)

  • Crops it Works On

    Row crops, Vegetables, Fruit and nut trees, fruiting vine crops

  • Targeted Pests


  • Always read and follow label instructions

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