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NOVUS® B 25-0-0

NOVUS® B 25-0-0, is a liquid nitrogen fertilizer containing the patented slow release nitrogen (SRN) compound Triazone, which enhances nitrogen absorption, translocation and remobilization within the plant. NOVUS® B contains boron for increased nitrogen metabolism within the plant while helping to increase fruit development in all crops.


• Does not volatilize when applied foliar to crop
• Unique form of nitrogen absorbs and translocates quickly into the plant for maximum plant development
• “Right Now Nitrogen” absorbs quickly into plants to help with key enzyme and amino acid formation
• NOVUS® B gives the grower excellent crop safety and helps promote uniform growth
• NOVUS® B contains TRIAZONE nitrogen which has shown the ability to absorb quickly into the plant when foliar applied

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Quick Statistics

  • Active Ingredients

    Boron (B) (0.5%), Total Nitrogen (N) (25%)

  • Crops it Works On

    Corn, Flax, Hops, Okra, Peas... Show More

  • Targeted Pests


  • Always read and follow label instructions

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