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THRIVE® 8-21-6

THRIVE® is a blend of ortho and poly-phosphates designed to be more plant available during foliar applications. THRIVE® includes an organic acid package to help improve nutrient absorption through the leaf tissue, for more efficient fertilizer uptake and translocation.


• Increases plant growth
• Better uptake and translocation of nutrients to developing crops
• Poly and orthophosphates for quick and slow release
• Contains B, Mo, and EDTA chelated micronutrients to safely mix with glyphosate
• Jump starts growth for crops under extreme environmental stress


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Quick Statistics

  • Active Ingredients

    Molybdenum (0.0005%), Copper (0.1%), Manganese (0.1%), Boron (0.05%), Iron (0.2%), Zinc (0.1%), Soluble Potash (6%), Available Phosphate (21%), Total Nitrogen (8%)

  • Always read and follow label instructions

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