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VELOCITY™ IQ 2-40-28

VELOCITY™ IQ is a water soluble low salt, 100% Orthophosphate starter fertilizer that is 100% plant available. VELOCITY™ IQ’s unique carbon technology prevents phosphorus tieup in the soil allowing the phosphate to stay in the plant available form for increased growth, strength and higher yields.


• Lowest salt index phosphorous source, while also being the highest available phosphorous fertilizer on the market
• Unique formula allows phosphate to remain plant available for an extended time
• Provides available nutrients to growing crops to promote quick, uniform emergence
• Highly soluble with ultra low application rates
• The market’s first water soluble starter fertilizer

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Quick Statistics

  • Active Ingredients

    Total Nitrogen (2%), Zinc (0.2%), Soluble Potash (28%), Available Phosphate (40%)

  • Targeted Pests


  • Always read and follow label instructions

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