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John Deere Farm Financing

Get the Right Financing for your Farm Plan

John Deere Financial is offering 0% APR on all Innvictis Crop Care®, Mission Seed Solutions™ and AgVenture® products now through May 1, 2019 with no payments or interest until December 2019.


  • Buy Today And Pay After Harvest
  • Same As Cash Offer
  • Expanded Borrowing Base
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Allow Prepay Options To Work Longer
  • No Crop Lien
  • Preferential Product Allocation And Delivery Status

Contact your representative or customer service at 800-278-0124

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Spring Farm Financing

Key Participating Suppliers



Program Requirements:

$2,500 Minimum Purchase Of Participating Innvictis Products

Customer must have an AG Preferred account with a Special Terms credit limit

A special interest rate, as described above, starts from the date of purchase which may be prior to the delivery or receipt of merchandise

Principal balance and all other accrued interest and finance charges associated with the special terms finance transaction are due in full on the customer statement due date

Promotional transactions are subject to John Deere Financial approval and merchant participation

If the customer fails to pay the balance on the due date reflected on the statement, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) in the Multi-Use Account credit agreement will apply to this purchase

The Prime Rate will vary with the Citibank Prime Rate