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Mission Seed Solutions is committed to bringing growers the best quality seed. Our farmers can see increased yield and maximized ROI when they pair our seed alongside first-rate products from Innvictis Crop Care, and utilize our unparalleled programs. To keep the momentum going for the end of the year, we are pleased to offer the Mission WINTER Soybean Program - available now through January 10, 2019.

Contact your representative or customer service at 800-278-0124

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Aggressive Pricing for End of Year

  • Get aggressive pricing on all AMP Genetics™, BRAVO Genetics™, and CATERRA Genetics™ treated soybeans
  • Targeted early order soybean program pricing: all soybeans will come treated standard with ReVize® PBI + Duvet™ ST
  • John Deere Financing - 0% APR with December 2019 terms
  • 100% replant on fully treated soybeans

Program Requirements:

1. Orders must be placed by January 11, 2019      
2. Every Amp Genetics™, Bravo Genetics™, or Caterra Genetics™ bean MUST be treated with Revize® PBI + DuVet™ ST 
3. Minimum order of 1 pallet or 50 units 
4. 0% APR financing available through John Deere Financial for eligible growers 

5. Mission Seed Solutions™ reserves the right to modify or withdraw all or any part of this program